Back to basics

Dr Justin Pyvis Dr Justin's picture

Regular visitors will have noticed a significant change in the way our website looks and feels. After several weeks of development, we finally felt comfortable enough to release a complete redesign. Built almost entirely from the ground up, the new site marks an exciting new chapter here at Pixelics: "back to basics". As for the major change to our service:

Subscriptions have been removed entirely.

All registered users will now have full access to our indicators, with unregistered guests restricted to research notes. The only thing you'll see a price tag on are our special reports, which you can find on the brand new right sidebar (or bottom if you're on a mobile device). We plan to have a new report out next week on quite a controversial topic, so make sure to check it out.

The other significant change is that we will no longer send out fortnightly email updates. We hate spam as much as the next person so we decided to change how we get in touch with you. Instead of regular updates, registered users who have not opted-out will receive an email whenever we publish a new report to our website - that's it!

Minor changes include the removal of the left sidebar entirely, thousands fewer lines of pesky, performance-slowing code, and just an all-round more visually appealing media through which to take in what we have to offer. Oh and we've also upgraded our back-end (the site's brain) to make it faster in every way, 3x faster to be precise.

That's about it for now, as usual if you have any concerns or suggestions please contact support and we'll help however we can.