Sydney property: Living in a bubble

Sydney's residential property market cannot help but make the headlines week in, week out. Prices were up 16% in the 12 months through April and yet another analyst, this time from Citigroup, has called for the government to do something (but it's probably OK because Australia has "a bit of monetary policy... [and] a lot of fiscal elbow room left", hah!). While we don't cover Sydney in particular, our Australia bubble watch: Housing chart has picked up a significant rise in Australia-wide housing related social media activity over the past several weeks...

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About the author

Dr Justin Pyvis is the Founder and CEO of Pixelics. Justin has a wealth of experience from working as an economist for AECOM, a global consultancy on the Fortune 500 and more recently Asianomics Group, an independent economic, corporate and technical analysis research company based in Hong Kong.