Bitcoin: Same same, but different

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There is no denying that Bitcoin is all the rage. Take the latest headlines from a random selection of news outlets this week:

  • Bitcoin: Mainstream Baby! Whales Hang Onto Their Bitcoins -- No Big Shorts Yet. Forbes.
  • Bitcoin Futures Are No Bubble Bellwether. Bloomberg.
  • Bitcoin Futures Started So Hot That Trading Had to Be Halted Twice. Fortune.
  • People are taking out mortgages to buy bitcoin, says securities regulator. CNBC.
  • It's Been a Crazy Week in Bitcoin. Slate.

A cursory glance at Google trends reveals that Bitcoin is now being investigated by more people than ever before.


Bitcoin has officially gone mainstream. But what direction will it take from here? To find out, we present to you our latest special report, Bitcoin: Same same, but different. Enjoy!

The report includes contains 884 words and 4 figures. It is available for download instantly in PDF format (134.462KiB) upon receipt of payment.

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