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Get a unique perspective on a range of interesting topics in Australia and beyond.

Derived from "Pixel" (a minute area of illumination) and "ics" (relating to, characterised by), Pixelics was built on the idea that quality, independent economic research and data analytics need not cost an arm and a leg. Through the use of always up-to-date interactive charts, proprietary social media analytics and expert economic commentary, we can offer insights that don't exist anywhere else.

If you are after a no-nonsense, unbiased perspective on a range of topics in Australia and beyond then you have come to the right place.

Dr Justin Pyvis, Founder and CEO of Pixelics. Justin has previously worked as an economist for AECOM, a global consultancy on the Fortune 500 list and more recently Asianomics Group, an independent economic, corporate and technical analysis research company based in Hong Kong.

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Intuitive, interactive charts

Our library of always up-to-date charts present official sources alongside millions of rows of disaggregated social media data with which you can interact.

Quality economic research

Our economics team provides cutting-edge, independent research on a range of topics in Australia and beyond.

Research, Economics

Philip Lowe's "4 points"

Apparently it's good news for Australia that the cash rate is still at record "emergency" lows and fiscal policy, which never...

Research, Economics

Housing affordability in a global context

Since the last financial crisis - with the exception of the United States - property has become more expensive across the glo...

Research, Politics

UK election 2017: The fallibility of pollsters

If a conservative government led by Theresa May seemed bad, a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour government is the worst case scenario...

Research, Economics

Sydney property: Living in a bubble

Sydney's property market is now the world’s second-most expensive. But is it about to bust or will prices, which rose 16% in...

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