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How it works

Economic indicators

When we find something of interest, we create an interactive indicator that will stay up-to-date with the latest data.

Insightful analysis

Our economists will then add commentary to that indicator as they see fit, for example after a data release.


We'll notify you occasionally so that you're on top of any important changes. We'll also email you when we publish a report.

Intuitive, interactive indicators

With coverage encompassing Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and United States, our ever-expanding library of 75 always up-to-date indicators present official sources alongside millions of rows of sophisticated trend analysis with which you can interact.

Delve beyond the obvious

We use proprietary data gathering techniques and analytical expertise to display and analyse data in a way that informs and enlightens rather than overly complicate or obfuscate.

Stay ahead of the curve

All subscribers will receive notifications when our reports are published. An archive of previous reports, research notes and Weekly Wraps are always available for your perusal.

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Frequently asked questions

This FAQ will be constantly updated as new questions or issues arise. If you cannot find what you are after, please send us an email or a tweet.

"Pixelics was built on the idea that quality, independent economic research and data analytics need not cost an arm and a leg. Through the use of always up-to-date interactive indicators, sophisticated trend analysis and thought-provoking economic commentary, we can offer insights that don't exist anywhere else. If you are after a straightforward, unbiased perspective on a range of topics in Australia and beyond then you have come to the right place."

— Dr Justin Pyvis, Founder and Chief Economist. Justin is a published academic who has previously worked at AECOM, a global consultancy on the Fortune 500 and more recently with Asianomics Group, an economic, corporate and technical analysis research company based in Hong Kong.

We work around the clock to continuously pull the latest data from statistical agencies so that you don't have to. After making sense of it all we then present that data to our subscribers in the form of intuitive, interactive indicators and thought-provoking economic research.

We aim to have our indicators updated within an hour of an official data release. Indicator commentary, monthly reports and other updates are released at the discretion of our economists.

Trend analysis identifies trends and cycles in past data. We record and store millions of rows of data over a long period of time, feed them through our in-house algorithm and then output the results in one of our indicators.

Our economists pay close attention the underlying trends, cycles and unexplained residuals in all of our indicators and will inform you when they believe the macro environment is beginning to turn.

Yes, to a degree. While account sharing is strictly prohibited, subscribers may use static versions of our indicators provided the Pixelics logo remains clearly visible.

Our private research and reports are for subscriber eyes only. For more information, please have a read of our Terms of service.

We use javascript to load all of our interactive indicators. Sometimes older Internet Explorer (IE) browsers fail to show indicators when the security setting "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" => "Binary and script behavious" is disabled. This happens very rarely on user computers but we do see it from time to time on company networks. What happens is that IE fails to draw any of the vector graphics and only the the text is shown.

To resolve this issue and many others where an indicator fails to properly load, please try enabling javascript and/or binary and script behavious in your broswer settings before contacting support.

We only collect the bare minimum - just enough to allow our website to function as intended. For more detailed information on exactly what we collect, please have a read of our Privacy policy.